University students always focus on one specialist subject, but some people think universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjects in addition to their own subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

By and large, undergraduates tend to spend most of their time focusing on only their major subject.


, many believe it is necessary for universities to motivate them to learn a wide variety of knowledge rather than one specific area. In my opinion, I completely agree with


viewpoint as having knowledge of various subjects can lead to a wider perspective and an increasing chance of employment.


of all, it is essential to study a range of topics in order to broaden the graduates_ horizon.


is because understanding the world from various aspects is key to being a respectful person.

For instance

, despite concentrating solely on medicine, medical


should be encouraged to study philosophy which provides a better understanding of compassionate and kindness. As a consequence, when they become a qualified doctor, they will have great sympathy for patients. It seems to me that people who have a broad perspective learn to develop their own personality in a positive way.


, It is widely acknowledged that well-rounded people tend to have better job opportunities.


, multitasking skills will benefit graduates when they start their career in the working world. Take Asian


as an example, if they choose to study a


foreign language English

for example


in addition

to their major engineering subject, they would enhance their chance in order to get a job position not only in local companies but


for international firms.


focusing on the specialist subject help to


to obtain a degree, it is undeniable that gaining a broad range of knowledge can increase graduate employability.

In conclusion, it is evident that studying various subjects in university can be beneficial for


in many ways


as having a comprehensive point of view and having better employment prospects.

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