Wealthy nations should assist poorer countries with humanitarian relief during natural disasters? Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that developed countries should financially support developing countries in times of natural calamities on humanitarian grounds.


essay agrees with


statement because wealthy countries have the resources and the latest technology to avoid and overcome the damage caused and; it creates harmonious relations between these nations.

Needless to say that rich countries have superior medical resources and modern technology, which can help minimize the impact of these natural disasters. It is quite challenging for the government to handle the diseases, casualties, and deaths during a natural catastrophe without the financial aid of well-to-do nations.


, wealthy countries can lend a hand to poor countries with the help of their expertise to forecast the calamities beforehand, thereby reducing damage and economic losses.

For instance

, during the 2004 Tsunami, countries like Australia, India, Japan, and the United States formed a coalition to help Indonesia which was badly affected during the aftermath.


, the help offered by the developed nations to the less affluent countries in the hour of crisis will build a healthy


between them. There is a possibility of a good trading


which could benefit both the countries in the long run.

In addition

, amicable relations between the countries may help defend each other in case of a security threat from the neighbouring nations. In 2015, Nepal was struck with a sudden earthquake, India offered financial assistance to Nepalese, which helped in creating a harmonious



To conclude, poorer countries hit by natural catastrophes should be funded by prosperous nations because economically weak countries lack advanced equipment and financial resources and strengthen their



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