Wearing fashionable clothes is becoming important today. Is the attitude to wearing fashionalble clothes leading to a positve development or negative development?

People give more priority to wearing trendy clothes.


essay agrees that the above mentioned trend is a negative development.


essay will,


discuss that in order to purchase fashionable clothes individuals spend a lion_s portion of their salary and


, outline that trendy clothes are too revealing and difficult to carry.
It is clear that people, in order to remain up to date will spend an indiscriminate amount of their salaries in buying these fashionable clothes.


is to say, people will spend their hard earned income without thinking and


will not have enough money left for savings or investing in profitable schemes.

As a result

, their future will be uncertain. To elucidate, a recent study conducted by The Times showed that more than 80 percent of people spend 65 to 70 percent of their salary in buying trendy clothes from showrooms.
Apart from


, the fashionable clothes worn by movie actors and models are not only too reveling but very difficult to carry which is not possible for common people.

In other words

, it is not possible for normal people wear


clothes for functions or parties and sometime feel uncomfortable when wearing in public. As a consequence, despite of purchasing expensive dresses, because of lack of comfort they are stored in their wardrobes. To exemplify, a recent study conducted by The New York Times showed that more than 60 percent of people do not feel comfortable when wearing trendy clothes.
To conclude, fashionable clothes are becoming very popular among people.


, the trend has drawbacks as people spend a large portion of their income in purchasing clothes and they do not feel comfortable in wearing revealing clothes.

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