What are the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your country to live or study abroad? Try to do this under exam conditions — try to avoid looking at any notes you_ve made while studying this section. Remember, in the exam you_d have about 40 minutes to complete this task.

Nowadays, people travel abroad much easier and for different purposes. Pursuing approached better education and suitable lifestyle are both on the top of the list.


we can easily justify it, we


should notice that there are some drawbacks for


. In


essay, I will discuss some merits as well as several disadvantages the possibly will face if we choose similar choices.

On the one hand, starting with the positive aspects, developing and improving personality comes




considering better alternatives for what was considered an obligatory situation. In cases when people relocate to live in a completely different society or in a cosmopolitan city,

for example

, it becomes a daily routine to deal with a wide range of individuals of inhomogeneous backgrounds, a situation which greatly affects one_s attitude and decision-making process.


, the more open-minded environment you live in, the more flexible options you would have to accomplish the ultimate goals.


, there will be a positive feedback effect between both things leading to


substantial enhancement and so on.

On the other hand

, hardship will be encountered,


, lack of encouragement usually provided by your own family and friends. Travelling abroad might make you go through massively dissimilar rules and legislation you have to aid by, customs you need to be flexible with and living conditions you have to acclimatize yourself to. Encountering those without having the necessary support might be disturbing.


, the language barrier could be something really frustrating. Imagine yourself in a restaurant and you got a wrong meal that you do not love and had to pay a higher price as you used the wrong words, what if


happened on daily basis, you would be definitely overstressed in every situation you go through.

To conclude relocating your life to a different country would improve your personal skills and offer you various options,




might result in some difficulties like inaccurate communication in a different language as well as lack of usual support given by your own relatives and friends. Personally, I think with proper planning, the advantages outweigh the aforementioned negative aspects.

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