With increasing populations and ever growing urban centers, many countries are losing their natural beauty spots. What benefits are there to protecting places of natural beauty? How can this be solved?

Nowadays, places of natural beauty are one of the protected areas in many countries. But many of them on the brink of extinction due to the human habitation and industrialization. In many parts of the world, the situation is getting worse and worse. It is important to take steps in dealing with


issue. In


essay, I will give some solutions, and try to draw conclusions.

One of the main benefits of natural spots is that they promote national pride and identity. Not all countries have natural beauty places.

In addition



, their habitat some of rare species and plants. They can be used as country_s commons.


, estimation shows a decrease in spots and plants living there that impact destructively on the ecosystem. A solution is for the government to exert efforts and make a strategy, which will lead to saving the habitation.

On the one hand, natural places have medicinal properties, especially their fertile grass and clear water. Many people visit

this places

this place
these places

to heal backbone or inner disorders. It really helps with them. A good example of


would be The National Park of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan. Every year around 100.000 people visit


natural place to get medical therapies, but it damages to the nature. A vast mass of people does not care about the environment and keep on littering. To tackle


problem people should start to protect the land.

As a result

, many countries will preserve natural spots from overgrazing.


, most of natural beauties have amount of trees that help us to prevent global warming. What I mean by


is that the emission of greenhouse gases is increasing every year, prompting the climate change in the world. It is the most dangerous problem over the


few decades. But the growing population needs more agricultural lands. The look forward might be to cease wasting consumption, water and nutrition, which can help to use the land in an appropriate way.

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