Write a letter to the manager of the supermarket. In your letter 1. say who you are 2.give details about the accident 3. suggest how the supermarket could prevent similar accidents.

Dear Sir,

My name is John Keith. I am writing


letter to report about an accident I met in front of the Reliance store.

On the 31st of October at 4 pm, I visited the reliance store to buy weekly groceries and vegetables.


, after buying things when I came out of the store, an Innova car comes at


Correct article usage
a fast

It seems that there is an article usage problem here.

show examples

speed and hit me.


, I thought it is the


day of my life, but luckily I did not get any major injury, except for some bruises.


it_s just a few bruises, it could have been a major happening. In one week,


was the fourth accident. I would like you to ban all vehicles in the main area of the market to avoid


incidents in the future as small children


go to the supermarket for shopping and enjoy fast food.

I hope you will take instant actions to avoid


unpredictable happenings.

Yours faithful,

John Smith

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