You and your family are living in rented accommodation in an English speaking country. You are not satisfied with the condition of some of the furniture. Write a letter to your landlord. In your letter introduce yourself explain what is wrong with the furniture say what action you would like the landlord to take



Change the punctuation

The abbreviated title Mrs. seems to be punctuated incorrectly. Consider changing the punctuation.

show examples


I am Yağmur Alataş. I am living on Bahçeşehir street number 2.


, I want to state that I am so happy to find my dream house in London.


, as you know we have rented your home one month before, but I want to inform you about the situation that we came across. Maybe you remember when we checked the home before renting we realized that there were two of the chairs were broken.


, other chairs were musty which was looking


Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

show examples



week my family will be here to see me for a long time. As we talked if it is possible can you come home and maybe we would talk about what we can do to solve


problem? I don_t want to criticize you just want to make you remember that. I am available till six o_clock on weekdays. I am hoping to hear good news from you. Thank you for now.

Yours faithfully.

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