You are planning a trip for you and a group of friends to a resort in a foreign country. Write a letter to the manager of the resort requesting more information. Your letter should include When you hope to be staying at the resort Ask for suggestions on activities to do Ask for advice on places to eat in both vegetarian and family-friendly places

Dear Sir,

I am writing


letter to enquire more information about booking details and places around your location.


, we would like to plan our trip for 15 days. we would appreciate it if you could register our booking from 7th to 21st May as these dates are more appropriate for us. If these dates are available let me know by mailing.


, I


want to know about the different types of facilities and recreational activities available at your Vancity


as the swimming pool.



, could you please send me a brochure of famous activities around your area


as scuba diving, water rafting, and bungee jumping?


, please provide the information regarding the weather as well as a recommendation regarding clothing.

At the


, I would be grateful if you could


suggest some worth seeing places


as famous beaches, amusement parks, and museums. Apart from


, please recommend some vegetarian restaurants and their location details, so that we can easily find these places to visit.

I am looking forward to your quick response.

Yours sincerely,

Rupinder Kaur

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