You have been facing lot of issues at work lately. Write a letter to your Reporting Manager informing him about this. In your letter • Explain what / who is affecting your work and people_s attitude towards you • What your expectations are from this work / office • How / what your manager can do to help you with these problems

Dear Sir,

I am writing


letter to inform you about the problems I have been facing in my


in recent days.


, I am the senior resource in


project, where I can see that people who joined here recently are trying to find out even the smallest mistakes in my


and making efforts to push the complex part of their


to me.


, they are not taking responsibility


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of their tasks, in which, I can clearly see that they are trying to blame me for their mistakes, saying that the knowledge transfer is not given properly. Because of


, I have to finish their tasks and leave late, resulting in many inconveniences while commuting.

In addition

to that, I feel that I am not getting to spend enough quality time with my family.

If I continue to


late hours daily, it may affect my health as well. So, it will be comfortable for me, if I can finish my tasks and leave around 5 pm, which gives me enough time to reach home and help my son in his studies.


arrangement will relieve me from the stress and lead to the development of the project knowledge as well.

So, I request you to speak to all the members of the team, about the responsibilities they have to take and the areas of the project they have to explore and understand better.


will help not only me, but all the team members to have a balance between personal and professional life.

Hope you understand my problem and take


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the necessary

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action immediately.

Yours faithfully,
Reshma Gangadharan

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