You have gained admission in a prestigious college. Now you have to arrange for the accommodation. write a letter to the college authorities stating your likes and dislike in the choice of food and accommodation.

Dear Sir,



epistle to apprise you about my preference for accommodation and food .


month, I enrolled for an Intensive English course for Travel in your reputation college.

My classes are going to start in the upcoming week so I will travel to your institution from my hometown. I would prefer to stay in the college residence hall. I would like a single room either on the ground floor or the


floor with the air conditioner and attached bathroom. It would be better if laundry facilities is




, a room in the practical area is most preferable as I can concentrate on my study there.


, I am vegetarian and would like to know if our college canteen is vegetarian friendly. I would like a nutritious diet that must contain green vegetables , multi-grain flour and less oily foods.

Hope you will consider my preferences and provide the required services.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully 29 October, 21

Ritu Dhiman

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