You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it a positive or negative development? You should write at least 250 words.

While children these days are more inclined to use electronic devices, outdoor games remain the most effective way of not only building team skills, but


keeping them healthy.


, in my opinion, parents and schools do not pay enough attention to the screen


of the younger ones.


essay will discuss the reasons why children tend to spend more


on these devices and how badly it can affect their development.

Several schools have started to implement iPads into their study plans, which give students unnecessary early exposure to digital devices.



improves the quality of education, and makes the lessons more interesting, using these devices for a good part of their day, at school, make them more addictive to it.


, it_s not practical for a teacher to be able to supervise all students.

For example

, some students may start indulging in fun activities without the know how of the teacher in charge and switch back when he or she is approaching them.

On the other hand

, unsupervised screen


at home makes it even worse. Most parents, due to lack of knowledge or to get some me


to themselves, allow their children to use devices as long as they are busy.


contributes even more to their addiction and makes the child less social.

In conclusion, playing computer games on the cost of outdoor activities for children is harmful to their mental development. I think, it may be because of the early exposure to computers at schools or unattended


on these devices at home.

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