You were sent by your company to attend a meeting in another country, but you are not happy with the hotel your organizer booked for you. Write a letter to an organizer about the meeting details What you did not like about the hotel what you want organizer to do about it?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing


letter to express my dissatisfaction with the


that you arranged for my stay. I have returned home from the business meeting which you had organised in Thailand. In


Add an article
the hotel
a hotel

The noun phrase hotel seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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, I had spent three nights and four days.

The meeting was very well and pleasant. I showed our products to all delegates who had come from different places. They asked multifarious questions about our items and I answered them effortlessly and they seem very happy


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me and


agree to sign a deal with our company and ,hopefully in the future our business will be receiving a bulk order from the divergent areas.

Now I would like to share my worse experience in a



To begin

with, when I reached Thailand I was over the moon but as soon as I arrived in a


I realized that nobody understand my language English. They all communicate in Thai and it was the time when I felt handicapped because I had no knowledge about their language.

As a result

, I was not able to reach the venue for the


meeting on time.


, the location was very far from the place of the meeting. It took four hours and I was totally exhausted every day before the meeting started.

I would appreciate it if you could be very careful about the


booking in future. Kindly check everything before the registration so that the


time when employees will go for the business tour are not inconvenienced.

Yours faithfully,

Prabhjot Kaur

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