Young people are often under the strong influence of peer pressure. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages.

Due to the limited resources and evolution of the human race,


is at its peak in every sector. Educationalists and parents feel that students are undergoing continuous stress with an aim to excel from their fellow friends. There are minuscule deleterious impacts of


phenomenon which insists on saying that the


is beneficial.

These days, teenagers are under constant pressure to outperform in their fraternity which instils/equips them with enough zeal. Who is not under


pressure? Every job has challenges. For example, every professional


as a doctor, politician and engineer, etcetera wants to outcast others in their respective fields by outstanding performance. A healthy


not only breeds motivation but


keeps the members motivated in an association. Teenagers can learn how to manage stress and overcome it to achieve resilience. It is evident by the whitepapers published by the ministry of education, which claims that annual competitions among different schools are healthy and


, promote a voracious urge for excellent results.


, a substantial substratum of society is worried about by-products,

that is

, depression which culminates in suicides. Indeed, it is concerning and clear from the data published by the health department, which points to alarming figures of suicide among people in their 20s.


, psychiatrists have reported an increased number of cognitive behaviour and mental health, duress of under-performance in studies.


, it leads to total withdrawal of a child from studies, whereas without stress, they could have fairly performed.

In conclusion, while some embrace


spirit, but

on the contrary

, others are in denial. Though the suicide cases are rising, counsellors are out ruling


to be its prime reason which insists on mentioning that the benefits of peer pressure nip its harmful effects by huge numbers.

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