young people learn more a good behavior from books and films or movies than learn from real-life experiences. what text do you agree or disagree?

It is a common belief that young kids are more likely to acquire excellent conduct through


and films or movies. Others think that it is a good way to learn from real-life encounters.


, the latter seems more in line with my standpoint based on the reason below.

To begin

with, young kids are able to take up good behaviour in real-life


as in school. They would acquire a good quality from teachers and get some practice with their classmates. The most salient example of


is in China where young children will learn the greeting rituals of different dynasties, and the communication of modern society and


practice with classmates.

On the other hand

, one downside of teaching children via


or watching movies is that it could cause a sedentary lifestyle and be detrimental to health. Children who become couch potatoes through spending too much time in front of the TV or a bunch of


are prone to obesity which carries health risks


as diabetes or heart disease. Another factor is that only studying in


or films discourages real interaction, which is important because youngsters need to relate personally to others.


is impossible if they are glued to a screen and


which occupies all their attention.

To sum up, with the above negative of allowing kids to learn how to take good actions by watching movies and volumes. For these reasons, I firmly believe that the best way to learn manners is through courses in school and practice with friends.

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