Your story must begin with this sentence: As soon as I found the old letter, I knew what I had to do.

“As soon as I found the old letter, I knew what I had to do.”



Thomas, a middle age man, vehemently. All what happened was when his beloved wife left


destitute man on his own without financial aid. The couple had a precocious son, but by dint of the father_s condition, he could not pursue his academic goal.


, he chose to stay with his affluent mother. Never did the offspring know his imbecile action obliquely murdered the father. After the divorce, the despondent Thomas sought to find the aforementioned letter, to which he alluded was a gift from a stranger claimed to be a psychic on his journey to Austria. After hours of searching in his apartment in vain, he


found it-the letter. To his astonishment, everything written in it was the steps of a ritual. The ritual was said to bring fortune to the person doing it at the cost of his own life if done incorrectly. Despite having followed all the instructions, there was one thing he could not do- put an end to his wife.


, he had to accept a barbaric fate.

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